Fun in the Conservatory with Lily May

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I was sitting in the Conservatory with my Good Friend Lily May, we were going to go out in the Garden and pick some Fruit but it was Pissing Down with Rain so not much chance of that, but I had a little surprise in my Basket so we decided to strip off and have some fun.

We soon had each other’s tits out and we wasted no time in sucking on our hard nipples, Lily soon had my knickers off and started sucking on my pussy as I laid back on the sofa, she really gave my clit a good work out with her tongue and I soon reached an electrifying climax.

Now my turn to get Lily’s knickers off her pussy was already wet and I fingered her as we kissed but she soon lay back and spread her pussy lips and I wasted no time in burying my tongue deep into her sweet juicy cunt her clit was now hard and erect and she was ready for my toy.

I soon got to work on her clit with my Vibrator before sliding it effortlessly into her wet and willing cunt, she moaned with pleasure as I worked it in and out and she shuddered with pleasure as she reached orgasm, I removed the Vibrator and spread her pussy lips so see all her sticky white cum.

My Turn now for a taste of the Vibrator and Lily got straight to the point and pushed it hard against my clit until I was moaning with pleasure, I then spread my Legs wide as she slid it deep into my cunt and pounded away until I reached a satisfying climax.

Auntie Trisha xxx

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